A History of Universalism in

North Carolina --1740 to 2007
By Peggy Ward Rawheiser 
Published 2007 by The Universalist Convention of North Carolina Incorporated
This 8.5" x  11" book has over 416 pages. It is Illustrated with many photos and the histories of the NC Universalist Churches and is fully indexed.
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Since the late eighteenth century to the present time there have been more than 125 Universalist Ministers who have preached in North Carolina. The first of these ministers were just passing through.  Others were itinerants, visiting and preaching wherever and whenever a chance occurred, and sometimes, making the opportunity. Some of them made fleeting trips but still planted seeds.  Others, who reasoned out their convictions, were at home in the state, some made repeated visits here and some settled here for various lengths of time.  These men and women preached at more than one hundred places.


Among those whose work, personalities and preaching were most effective were:

Jacob Frieze                      1825-1836                 John C. Burruss            1846-1900
Hope L. Bain                    1851-1876                 Edwin H. Lake             1857-1862

James A. Inman                 1868-1913                 Daniel B. Clayton         1860-1906

Quillen H. Shinn                1890-1907                 Thomas Chapman         1903-1911

Willard O. Bodell              1908-1937                 J.L. Everton                   1912-1921

Harry L. Canfield              1919-1936                 Hannah J. Powell           1921-1936

Katherine Haskell Ball       1920-1925                 Dwight A. Ball               1921-1925

Francis B. Bishop              1928-1934                Ordell E. Bryant              1928-1944

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