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Owned & maintained by the Universalist Convention of North Carolina (UCONCI).

Reserving use:

This agreement must be signed by the renting party or representative and returned to name and address below with appropriate rental fees and deposits within five days of verbal reservation. Make checks to UCONCI.

Reservation is NOT assured until signed form and fees are received.


Fees:   For fee purposes, a rental day begins  at 5pm one day and ends at 5pm the next, but does not include opening or cleaning times if needed.

A. A cleaning deposit of $100.00* is required with reservation and will be credited or returned when property is left properly cleaned. We have NO staff. Shelter Neck is volunteer/participant operated.
B. An optional host fee of $50.00 per day, if required to open and/or close the camp.
C. The property rental rates for Shelter Neck are:
      $50.00 per day for UCONCI member congregation social events:        
    $125.00 per day for non-member congregation social events
    $100.00 per day for UCONCI member congregant private events
    $150.00 per day for private educational events
    $200.00 per day for private social events

Plus    D. Per person property use fee $5.00 per person, per day, which provides access to facilities and activities (some activities require extra fees), AND an additional $5.00 per person per overnight stay.   NOTE:  Property rental fee only covers part of the overhead: insurance, maintenance, repairs, grounds care, etc.  Per person use fee covers gas, electric, cleaning materials, tissue, and other consumables.

I am applying for rental from_________ /__________ To__________ /____________  (Date / time)
Estimated number of Camp occupants__________

Due with reservation:
A. Cleaning deposit $100.00                                                                                        $100.00
HOST FEE         $50.00  per day _______   x # days________                      =           $_______
C. DEPOSIT of half of property rental fees, (e.g. $50 / $100)  
Rate per day _______   x # days________   = ________  / 2  =                                    $_______
(This deposit is not refundable if event is cancelled with less than two weeks notice.)
D. Estimated # daily attendees _____ x $5 each, = _______ x #  days_____  =         $ _______
E. Est. # overnight attendees _____ x $10 each = ________ x # nights_____   =    $ _______
                            Total Due with reservation    $ _______
Balance due within ten days of end of event:
B. Second 1/2 rental fees                                     $ _______
C. difference in # daily attendees _____ x $5 each = ________ x # days_____  =    $ _______
D, diff. in # overnight attendees _____ x $10 each = ________ x # nights_____  =    $ _______
E. Less cleaning deposit (*Deposit may be credited to next event or subtracted.)              $ _______
                                                                                            Total balance due                         $_______   
Please assign an event leader’s mobile number for incoming calls during rental events.
Burgaw Fire Dept.            (910) 259-1212        Burgaw Police Dept.     (910)259-4924
Burgaw Medical Center     (910) 259-3377        Burgaw Town Hall        (910) 259-2151

For mechanical problems with our facility during an event,
call Andy Wasilewski (919) 523-6303 or (919) 523-6301
Agreement for use of Shelter Neck UU Camp Property, Burgaw, NC (cont’d)
Out of respect for our churches, fellowships, congregations and neighbors, and for safety reasons Shelter Neck has the following       Rules and Code of Conduct:
1. The renting group is responsible for leaving buildings and grounds clean. Sweep and damp mop floors, wash and put away all dishes, silverware, pots, etc in plastic storage bins.
2. Remove all garbage and trash when leaving. (There is no trash pick up at Shelter Neck)
3. Remove all opened, perishable food from the pantry, and refrigerators. Leave Dry foods such as Coffee, Pasta, Grains, Etc. in airtight containers.
4. The renting party is liable for damage to the property and the cost of repairs.
5. Midnight to 8am is quiet time.
Outside fires (campfires) permitted in designated areas, and only when not banned
    by the Burgaw Fire Dept. 910 259-1212
7. Drunkenness, illegal conduct, illegal substances, weapons of ANY kind, and public nudity is not permitted.
8. No smoking in any building. Smokers are responsible for ashes and butts outdoors.
9. Candles and other open flames are prohibited inside any building.
10. The Chapel is a sacred place and should be respected and used accordingly.
11. Follow “Open and Close Procedures” posted on the bulletin board. If you use the pass to the county trash dump, PLEASE return it to the bulletin board.
Parties not following the above policies will be asked to leave by the caretaker or by a member of the UCONCI Board, will not be refunded rental or deposits, and will not be allowed to rent again.

Print or type information below:
I have read, understand, and agree to follow, the above rules.
Group Name and Responsible Person and title (please print)
Signature of above person renting for group  _____________________________________________
Phone(s)/ email ____________________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________________

Second contact person for renting Group:
Name _______________________________________________________
Phone  / email  _____________________________________________________________

Renting Party's Treasurer / Responsible party
Name ________________________________________________________
Phone  / email  _____________________________________________________________
Please contact the camp registrar with any questions.
Return both pages of this form with deposits and estimated fees to:
Susan Wasilewski, Registrar: 7305 Fiesta Way, Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 523-6301

Reservation is NOT assured until form and fees are received.
Please make checks payable to “UCONCI

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